We know all about cheeselabels

Dutch Cheese Label is fully specialized in manufacturing and supply of cheeselabels and banderoles. Our products enable unique branding and marketing of your cheeses. Our business finds its roots in the unique production method that we invented years ago and we have continued to develop over the years. Our cheeselabels are integrated completely in the crust of the cheese, which results into excellent  breathability and cutability.  We understand that you want to present your product visibly and recognisably to your customers.

Our roots go back to the year 1874, which means that we have almost 150 years of experience and knowhow. Besides knowledge about cheeselabels, we also know everything about our customers' products, from medium- hard and half-hard cheeses. Therefore, we are able to supply you with labels for perfect branding of allmost all types of cheeses.  Dutch Cheese Label is founded and located in the Netherlands (Holland), the  baker mat of cheese making.

Euroflex printing holland

Dutch Cheese Label is part of Euroflex Printing Holland and we aim to bring out the best in cheese. We offer a wide variety of sizes, materials and printing techniques for producing all kinds of cheese labels. We combine craftsmanship with new advanced technologies. This results in innovative cheese labels and banderols from the highest possible quality.

Innovation and experience, with the continuous development of unique features and great customer service. These core values make how we provide you with the optimal labels for the branding of your cheeses. Everything is in accordance with the latest requirements concering food safety and hygiene. We are certified according to the latest BRC Packaging food safety standard.


DCL SinCE 1874


DCL was involved in the invention of the original Dutch Cheese Label. In the old days, cotton bandages were used to support the cheese to keep it in shape during the ripening process. Together with DCL a specific wet-strong and even though permeable paper-type was developed that could replace the cotton completely. The paper allows to let through just enough moisture, air and grease, which avoids moulding and ensures an optimal course of the ripening process.

Not long thereafter, DCL developed a way to print and cut paper banderoles. Our labels and banderoles can easily be applied to the cheese with a little cheese coating or even water. By doing so, you create the perfect way to communicate the brand of your cheeses from production to consumption by your customers.

No matter how beautiful your cheeses are, your product becomes even more beautiful when you add a label and banderole. The design of your label can provide, for example, your logo, or a message for the customer. Ultimately, your label should result from a good and well-thought-out design made by yourself, a design studio in your network or by us. It combines good recognisability with a representative appearance. You and your customers will appreciate the design!