Old Amsterdam & Maaslander

One of the most famous Dutch cheesebrands are ''Old Amsterdam' and 'Maaslander'.  Cheesecompany Westland uses yellow and green stripes for the branding of their Maaslander cheeses for decades. It was time for a thorough redesign and after consultation of the specialists from DCL the rebranding of the most important brands were launched.

The  brands of Westland with labels and banderols from DCL are still highly recognizable. Printing quality is superb. Together with perfect adhesion to the cheese and excellent cutability these brands are ready for the future. 

The cheeselabels and banderols from DCL are applied to the cheeses with high speeds on completely automised labeling equipment.

Tasks & Responsibilities
  • Prepress
  • Colourmanagement
  • Printing
  • Production