We understand that cheeses are made in all kinds, sizes, types and flavours. Therefore, DCL offers the perfect label for every one of them. We make sure that our offer perfectly matches our client's requirements, meaning competitive prices, high-quality products, short delivery times and unlimited possibilities.

In terms of technical specifications, anything is possible, but the most common are circle-shaped cheese labels with a diameter of 7 to 74 centimeters (i.e., 2.75 to 30 inches). Special shapes like squares, triangles and so on are in our portfolio and can be delivered to our customers upon request.

We can produce quantities from 1 - 1.000.000 pieces. For relatively small quantities, we use digital printing techniques in full-colour (CMYK) and for reasonably large quantities we can use our flexographic presses. These large quantities are printed in wide-web flexo and can be printed in up to eight colours. Since our basic labels are extremely thin and partially transparent, a cheese label can be integrated seamlessly with the outer layer of the cheese.


Cheeses are often presented from above as well as from the side. Using our banderoles is a perfect way to communicate your brand sideways. By using both labels and banderoles, you achieve the maximum marketing value. The design of the label is entirely up to you, but we know the market and can advise you on this if you wish.

We know that a label must radiate quality since product quality is often one of the most important elements for customers. Another very relevant element in your value statement has often a functional nature: the variety of your product. Since cheese can be classified in many ways: in the type, the size, the flavour or the application. Finally, it is important to appeal to the consumer; after all, the consumer should add your product to the shopping cart. This is where the design of your product is of great importance because the purchasing process is usually an emotional process.

Putting a brand on your banderole also enables you to communicate on smaller (cut) pieces of the cheese. All the advantages just outlined also apply to smaller pieces of cheese, so-called consumer portions. Technically, anything is possible with banding, but usually, banderoles can be supplied in reel-widths from 3 - 30 centimetres (1,2 - 11,8 inches) and can also be printed both digitally or in flexo. The minimum quantity for banderoles starts at 10 reels and our standard reel length is 400 meters. (1312 foot).

Our experts are ready to help you, please contact us:

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