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Your cheese is a special product. Its origin, specific taste, flavour and ripening process results in a high-quality product of which all efforts can be tasted. Cheese is a delicacy that is enjoyed by people all over the world. Such products deserve a unique and recognizable label for branding and marketing of your cheeses. Besides our passion for cheese, we are expert in the development and production of packaging materials.

Our labels are easy to apply both manually and automatically. All over the world, DCL delivers cheese labels and cheese banderols for decades. Our customers can be found in Europe, the United States, Australia and Asia. From small farmers with cheeses made in limited editions and small quantities to huge multinational dairy companies that produce cheeses in high volumes. They all find their way to Dutch Cheese Label. We hope to see you soon as one of our customers.

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Mrs. Daniëlle vd Meer   Tel. +31 38 468 1818 / +31 6
Mr.   Jori Schuman Tel. +31 38 468 1819 / +31 6

Upgrade your cheese 

our service, from idea TO satisfied customers

Dutch Cheese Labels offers our customers guidance during the complete journey, from creation of the first concept till delivery of your cheeselabels. A cheese label is custom-made and therefore fits your product perfectly.

It is possible to supply us with your own artwork (PDF, Adobe Illustator). Perhaps you have no artwork but only some ideas or a rough sketch. In that case we also have a professional studio with creative art directors for making of concepts and/or prototypes.

In case you supply your own artwork/data, we will do checks in order to be sure that your design will be printed optimally. We will not charge you extra for this because we consider it all part of our broad service package.